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Related article: Date : Fri, 26 Mar 2004 03 05 38th -0800 ( PST ) From: Edward Chong u003cedwardchong21 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Beneath the blue eyes Disclaimer: The Atk Models following report is a fictional story about sex between men. If you are not authorized to read stories like this for some reason do not. Otherwise, enjoy. The story is mainly about the act of picking between two three or four men and boys. There are also some fictional scenes of the torture of prisoners of war (POW ) done. Note that none of the are real, none of them inspired by anything, but my sick twisted mind, n and none of them to practice safe sex. I beg you safe practice strong sex all the time, and this is just a story. Real life can be very differently. If the language seems a bit off, that's intentional. to express the characteristics of the story. For suggestions, questions, and comments, we are grateful. do not know what it is, what I feel now, feel, look in the deep blue eyes, so mysticalRies hidden on with so much love, not shown, and the unhealed scars. Impress me. Joins me in its spell. All I wanna do is look in his eyes, and had my way, with the same love and admiration, as I have shown, but this is not his. He never will love me, how I love you him. What can your body, but I never her soul. I'll never have what these blue eyes. " Do not leave me. " I say. " I love you. Do not care if you cheat abroad. I do not care if you're unfaithful to me. Do not care if you want to be your slave, but not let me. " "You know, I can say what you need. " he says. " I know, but some of you are still better than nothing You did not. " " It is not right for you. Not fair and you know you can not fail to do can not. change what I've become. "" Maybe not, but I can try. And if I can, I can not wait for you change for themselves. And if you take a million years wait, I, fo. And if you're not going to change, I will point you know who you are taking. only Do not leave me. "" Why do you want me to hurt me? "" Atk Models Because I love you. "" You know, I do not feel the same way. "" I know, but it does not matter. I can not s on the heart, but with your body is half the battle won. "" You're just a shit hole for me, you know. "" Yes, so fuck me. Fill my hole. " And he did catch me. With one touch of a button, his big cock in I n. Set still in the air, even after it has often been infected with this great weapon \\ \\ n, however, panting beats. the total volume that fills my inner sanctum. I feel it. I feel its warmth. If it moves when Atk Models you move your Atk Models love post, I feel in me vacuum, the vacuum will only satisfactory performance of man meat sliding back rewards are -, which filled me again, fill the hole ( s ) in me, and a brush with I most sensitive places, sending shock waves of pleasure and my bottom s spine, the entire body. fucksrough. He pistons his cock in and out of me and faster faster. No foreplay. No fucking finger. Do not worship your cock with my mouth n. He loves to go dry and you do not like using protection. that s not playing with my nipples and nibbling my ears and neck, which is fuck me doggy style. He does not come to me and masturbated, or pressing gently on my balls. He will not kiss, or a finger in my the mouth. Atk Models He just fucks. does not like missionary style, but not like a dog style. I like my side, lifting her leg over his shoulder, spread your ass wide open for his cock to spear me in and out, and another of n. Waving my arms around like he did with his cock ring can not be remove the joy that I offer. A hand held against my leg uprise and the other on the shoulder, he just slid his cock in n and out, sometimes on the sides a little, but always in a turn, and, on and off, quickly and often shortJabs, but always in and out of , in and out, shooting sometimes long and slow, but always in and out, in out. fuck me like this, and if he feels Atk Models that I am now cum, I was going to turn back, looked at me and continues to tick me. With both hands, clung to my hard cock and began to rub while trying to make a fire with sticks and stones. maneuvers of famous explorers. Just before reaching the climax, he grabbed my cock s with both hands, and pump all the way, then all the way s down. The pain is unbearable, as it moves, and orgasm is of semen, activated my ejaculation, sperm mixed my balls in rivers channels, sometimes with fluid from the prostate, and length of my Hahn is a waste of semen from my body, flying everywhere, landing on our two bodies intertwined. would continue to do so long after my orgasm is over, n will continue to torture and my ass muscles to contract, massaging his tail, still pumped me, and finally brings him to climax, he studied, and with a roar, it means that s cock go grab my hips with both hands, sometimes, the excavation of the meat with nails and pump gallons of semen in my loins. He keep fucking with me, as he sprinkled, and even after you run. He was sentenced to the that can not pick up until your dick is soft and comes down from the ass end of my s with audible pops. But sometimes, like today, he would stay hard even after orgasm, and continue fucking. He had to repeat the scenario again. I have my hand, leg, shoulder, he with his own sperm to lubricate your bombs, and this time it will take longer. He wants to fuck me until I hard again. He wants to fuck me until I cum again. He fuck me again, and over again until sprayed again, and if even after that hard to do, I would do again. -------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- I do not understand. Why should I risk everything for me? Why I'm so important to him? He knows of my past. He knows what I've been with , when I was a prisoner of war camp. I broke. I was tortured every day. gay. I was fucked, made a bastard and a slave to be his cruel soldiers. And if I do not cooperate, Atk Models they were more than willing to put my his torture crazy. I shaved my head to foot, naked, held all the time. They had a safety collar around his neck that I disabled is approaching from the other side of the fence, unless I want my brain to Fried. Sometimes I just pick up and leave me. Sometimes, strap me in a chair or table, crush my balls, only to listen I whip my dick screaming, just to see me mourn. Put alligator clips in my nipples and its connection to the batteries that struck me in a trance, , then let me rest, and then do it again. When I fought I would be in the field, brought hung between two messages, cream beaten, battered and beaten, and after it was over, that would leave a me there for hours, sometimes days. How many times I wanted to take my life if I had to s camp? I could not tell. But they were just thoughts. I could never do , not because I lack the courage, but lack the opportunity to. You have the wrists and ankles of safety at all times, even if with us as a sex toy. I got fired once naked, chained to his ankle desktop maintained throughout my head and hands by a metal bar, and I could only scream as the main fucked me mercilessly, then your sergeant, his Luitenant, then all the corp. They did it in the cafeteria until it was Chow time. I was pushed into a corner, while they ate. I sat there and hungry, pinched my ass y saw them eat. That was the day I lost my soul. and he wanted me to change? He believed that his love can restore my the soul? I am incapable of love. When Atk Models the war ended and frees Atk Models us from thePrison camp, most of us do not know who we once were. I left the Army not long Atk Models after, and spent his time wandering from place to place. I no family. That's why I joined the army. Roam the streets y bars in search of pretty boys Innoncent for then I will continue to return to their place and I'll fuck until a moan setback, as I cut. A sometimes curly, and asks me to tie it or use parentheses in it. Some want me to go raw, whip, torture. I took it out in it. What have they done to me has given me back the child. You are always ready. While I sit here in this bar sordid middle of nowhere, I and has two sweet kids watched me open. It is a pervert, I can say, chains bearing hip. The other likes vanilla. I can tell. I have taken so many before, and so will be much more to come. so s see, can not be true. I can not change. I lost my soul and now I wants only. shit I'll just pay what I did. I the shit all the way in which I took. So I kept the boy home first in order to ask the boy seconds we visit. As mentioned earlier, is the first curly. We are now in the house of his s, I wanted to tie me up, opened it and then cut her clothes. I exactly that, and left him there when I pick up the second child in front of him. Could push and pull my dick out this sweet ass before him, Atk Models and did nothing to the situation could change. He was chained spread in bed, I was drowning in his own clothes, and nobody is playing him. After I finished with the second child, I had to suck the bound boy. I needed a break before the night is over, and the night is much again. I realized that, indeed, when I saw the front door. The boy was handcuffed to the bed - as much as the clamp allows scream him, that his father is in trouble. But it was o more surprised than it is to do myEx -General in this way. We left the children , their own games, and sat with him, he wanted a drink and a conversation that much time with me since the day I gave him that s letter of resignation. Do not pour my heart to him, but he knew all has to happen to us who were in the prison camp. It seems I'm the only survive. The rest killed themselves long ago. I can not say I'm surprised by. General saw me not to play. He opened his pants and pulled out of its long tail and motioned me to move around and suck it. Maybe it was instinct of my time as a prisoner of war, perhaps I've really wanted, because I just of my seat, approached him and knelt down and began to gently to be served. Set your balls on my tongue, I bathe and enjoy it. I wrapped his cock with my wet mouth and suck the pressure applied n and was pleased, according to the groaning general. If the test is over, grabbed me by the waist, firing for me and pushed me in the greatHahn. That was impaled on it, sitting in his lap as he began to push the hips up and down, up and down. with both hands, pinching my nipples and went to each of them in all the n hand. I pumped hard and I was jumping up and down on his lap, as of your child and the child candy bar came in and called his son to I suck, and the other child at the wheel of your child ass. No one complained. Atk Models When I thought we were ready, having the child against a tense the table, then run by his son put his cock in the child, but do not start damn it. It was then that Atk Models I am still trapped in it, your body dwarfs mine, brought to us in the direction of the two sons and inserted my cock into of his idiot son. When we were at the scene, began to fuck. Each thrust shit in the ass did to his son and his son again caught the child in the last line. He remained in this shit of four men - Movement Sandwich long time, until his son shot a load on the boy's ass, then I shot a load on the of his son in the ass, and finallyshot a load on me. The last child on the track was still hard and shot his load, , so we held him and sucked him out of the general, twice sequentially. The boy was a mess to mourn when we had finished with him. I n I still remember how they are used in this prison camp in milk. Why use our sample of semen, I have no idea. We would like to be tied to a chair and is a connected machine from Dick, and once started, would be we sperm and semen and sperm. We were always in a group of five, if was milking time is in order, then we could see and hear each other pirates scream like the seeds were extracted from the balls over and over again. -------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Did I drive you crazy ? He just got out of my shit. He did not say a word. I know what happened. I'm not a soldier, but I know what I has been through. And even if I do not really care. Is that what I. , The look he gives me. Her beautiful blue eyesappears to be empty. I know his soul is still hope. I know there are still something left in him. I know that if I could get there on it, I the situation would be to release and return it to the man he once was. No s that is not a human being perfected at the moment, with his muscular body, his crew medium, low and ears pines and huge cock and balls, are plowed in me mind that is fully human. even if he caught me twice, makes me so hot, just thoughts about your body. Tickle my ass. I I can take fingers, because is still wet his sperm in me. Ahh, it feels a finger in my ass is so loose, are both Atk Models better. No matter how you twist and turn, push and Pull My Finger n to my ass, can never reach the deepest part of me that can only be attained when he is taking me. Yes, play with me in bed, dog Style, three fingers in my ass, thinking about it makes me so hot. I to think of it. I want it. I want you to walk through the door on the right now. So whatit. They stood and looked at me, play me. that did not say a word. The light behind him and dark in the room I did not see his face, but the silhouette of his body is so erotic, so exciting to me that I turned around and push my ass in the the air, which was presented. I heard him take off his clothes, I heard near me, and I Atk Models felt it when he pushed his cock in my ass, and pumps me started. The bed shook with the force of his fucking. Both hands on my the back, push your hips back and forth, back and forth, pushing his cock s in my ass and hit my prostate. I moaned and groaned strong, is not ashamed to experience the joy of my body. His bitch grow faster and stronger, and then I felt tense, and again cummed my ass deliciously. He collapsed on me, and I supported our weight in the four. And I thought I heard him scream. I slowly put it on the bed and let him rest, the face of his tear stained endmind relax. He looked at me and I thought I saw a is something. There is something in those blue eyes. n Author's note : Please note that this is a fictional story, and is ot the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS do not apply. Always practice safe sex. each Comments welcome.
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